Friday, September 17, 2010

Inglot NYC - New Palette

I was in the Times Square area again this past weekend and I could not resist from buying something! I feel like every time I'm in the area, I just need to buy something! =) Plus my co-workers from California flew in for business so I took them site-seeing in the area and Inglot just happened to be open! ;)

I actually prefer the magnetic palettes that Inglot sells and I also prefer when the shadows are in a square pan. This Pro 5 palette originally consisted of 5 new shades. The black shadow I opted to not get since I already have so many different black shades (I swapped the black for the grayish purple color on the far right). The other new shade which I didn't get (because it was sold out) looked closes to the 3rd shade, right smack in the middle. I asked her to give me a shade that was the closest to the one that was sold out and that's what we came up with! I probably should've asked for the shade #'s of the ones which were sold out, but of course - I forgot. Without hesitation I purchased this because mainly they were new shades (and actually really nice too)...then I got home and realized I did exactly what I have been trying to get away from - buying "neutral" palettes. Oh well, at least I did get use out of it two times this week since I purchased. So that's a good sign so far! lol This palette also has a generously wide mirror - it also has a space for a brush, which of course was sold separately so I did not get it (since I don't need it).

Colors from left to right (I tried to describe colors as best as I could):
  1. Pro-5 Freedom e/s - Pearl # 421 (new shade) - copper/bronze
  2. Freedom System e/s - D.S. # 463 (new shade) - like a sparkly pale gold, great for highlighting!
  3. Freedom System e/s - Matte # 350 - like an off white or eggshell color
  4. Pro-5 Freedom e/s - D.S. # 462 (new shade) - like a light sparkly taupe/beige & purple color
  5. Freedom System e/s - D.S. # 460 - like a sparkly silver & purple mixed color

How I was checking the shadow #'s, I noticed that Inglot actually provides an expiration date! HA
My shadows have a product date of 09.2009 and an expiry date of 09.2012. Hope I use 'em up by then! lol

Took several pictures with natural lighting, flash vs no flash.

For size reference, these are the exact same size of a MAC e/s pro palette refill pan - but the Inglot shadow has a slightly greater fill weight at 1.8g. MAC's fill weight is 1.5g. Not like you could actually notice this, but just figured I would share that fun fact with you! ;)


Becky said...

These eyeshadows look great! I want to try Inglot products.
It's a pity they aren't sold here...

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

I LOVE THE PALETTE great choice.

siwing said...

lol ! expiration date! that is so cool. I wish more products came w/ an expiration date! Nice colors!

Victoria said...

It's a great nude palette! Too bad in my country do not sell this brand: (

Glamorous Glory said...

awsome palette!

Renay Shanel said...

I remember when they first opened the store!
I have wanted to go there and get a palette so bad since then and I have not got the chance! Even when i'm in NY something comes up where it does not happen!

This is a gorgeous palette with beautiful colors! Thankyou for sharing! :)

Mz. More said...

Reminds me of the UD Naked Palette

NYCSh0paholic said...

I'm glad you guys liked it! I created a FOTD with this...I will most likely post it tomorrow. =)

April said...

I love that these look NEUTRAL!

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